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Pool Design & Installation Landscape Design & Installation Construction

DeBiasi Pacific is a full service exterior environment company, creating and installing the fundamental elements of the outdoors through the development of natural and architectural pools and water features, design and installation of living landscape, or, as a licensed general contractor, working with you on construction of a new home or outdoor structure, or through renovations to enhance your current home.


The DeBiasi Pacific staff of exterior environment experts has worked together for years, forging a team whose professionalism and attention to craft will help you bring your dream to life. Our ability to understand the entire design and construction sequence of exterior environments gives us a keen awareness of the symmetry between indoor and outdoor elements, and we take special care in protecting and respecting the design elements of our customers.




For over 25 years, DeBiasi Pacific has been designing, developing and constructing natural and architectural pools and water features in Hawai’i and around the world.  Our design expertise can assist in the creation of a natural water feature to enhance your garden, or a dramatic and beautiful natural rock-lined swimming pool complete with waterfalls and spas.  From back yard smaller water features to commercial resort projects, DeBiasi Pacific can bring the element of water to a project of any size.




Is difficult or expensive to maintain a pool?


No, this is a big misconception. A pool requires 15 to 20 minutes a week to maintain. Historically, the largest cost is electricity, but with new technology in energy-efficient equipment, the cost has drastically decreased in the last two years. We expect it to go down even more with ongoing advances in technology.


Salt or chorine?


This is definitely a personal preference. With a chlorine system, the chemical is active in the entire volume of water. With a salt system, chlorine is only active while it passes through the filter. The question is: Do you want a more sterile pool with active chemicals? Or do you want a more chemical-free pool that’s a little less sterile? Today’s typical residential pools have very  low levels of chlorine and are even potable. Something else to consider: Salt is a water softener and correct water hardness means less corrosiveness to your pool’s finish.


Can I have a pool with a tree nearby?


Absolutely! Pool shells are designed and built structurally with concrete and rebar to handle the force of tree roots. Trees will naturally grow around or away when blocked. So unless there are solid structures surrounding the tree and the roots have nowhere to go, this is not a problem.





The artistry of DeBiasi Pacific is evident in the design and installation of landscape, creating an exterior environment tailored to your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences.


Our crew has a broad background in landscape exterior design, and provides design and installation services of plant materials, irrigation, hardscape and night lighting.  This full service approach to landscape provides our clients with a team of professionals that will take your landscape project from start to finish.  We take special care to protect your property and investment during the installation process to ensure a smooth project from start to finish.




DeBiasi Pacific is licensed in general construction, and while we specialize in exterior works and specifically construction that is ancillary to landscaping, the company is capable of building structures and home construction. Many of our pool projects and cabanas have lead to the construction of room additions and guest cottages. This work comes through the cultivation of an established relationship with our clients, where trust is developed with our on site team, which allows our clients to utilize DeBiasi Pacific as a one-stop source for all pool, water feature, landscape and construction needs.